Monday, March 16, 2009

Attitude adjuster needed

Hi, we need help. We don't have the money for anything. We can't start any new programs because no one will come. We don't have any young people getting involved. We need all of the families with children to sit at the back of the church because they're annoying. We can't do outreach ministry because we really don't like people that much. Did I mention that money was a concern? We're putting a lot of effort into some fundraisers that we could be putting into new programs if only people would attend them, which they won't. If only we had some money and some more members.

People are making copies of music and we're not sure that should be allowed. People are blocking the worship center with their praise and worship and music. The cross and altar are for putting flowers and rocks and moss and pretty material all over it. And worship. No one is joining the choir. Dang it, I need some fricking help up here in the choir section. I can't carry these people all by myself. We're getting discouraged, our choir is. It had been almost two weeks and you hadn't hired a choir director yet. Now it has been seven months.

Our Council meetings are sad because we have no money. People don't like each other because we have no money. No dinero. People need to contribute more money to our church. We can't resolve any issues either, because I'm not going to work with you and deep down, you're a nice person and you won't confront real problems anyway. I'm going to ignore the things you have to say anyway.

We need help. Buy a ticket to our fundraiser. Bring your friends to buy our food. This is the only time we ask you to bring people that you know.